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Northlake Engineering / custom transformers and assemblies

World-class engineering expertise is at the heart of Northlake’s success. Their engineers have the skill and experience to develop high-quality component designs, linear power supplies, power distribution units and power conditioners. Northlake’s design versatility is extraordinary—with end products that are small and detailed or large and complex. Their integral planning process will strategically consider cost and functionality and they are always eager to discuss any special requirements and enjoy partnering closely with their customers to produce the most effective design solutions.

Northlake ultrasound assembly

Ultrasound Assembly

Northlake PDU 1

Custom Power Supply

Custom Pot Core

Northlake transformer

Custom 50/60Hz Transfomer

Northlake three phase 7

Custom Three Phase Assembly

Northlake assembly 5

Custom Power Assembly

Northlake Engineering designs and builds a wide variety of custom transformers, chokes and coils; construction and functions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Magnetic Component Functions

Three phase power transformers to 250KVA
Medical grade isolation transformers
High frequency transformers and inductors
Single and three phase auto transformers
Current sense transformers
High current chokes and inductors
Ferro resonant transformers

Magnetic Component Construction

Toroids from 0.25” to 12” in diameter
Steel laminated for 50/60Hz applications
Ferrite cores and bobbins for RF applications
Air core transformers and coils

Northlake ferro resonant transformer

Custom Ferro
Resonant Transformer

Three phase NEMA

Custom NEMA Three
Phase Transformer

Northlake Engineering medical grade isolation 3

Custom Medical
Isolation Transformer

Northlake PC mount transformers 1

Custom PCB Mounted

Northlake high frequency transformer

Custom High
Frequency Transformer

Northlake three-phase 6

Custom Three
Phase Transformer

Northlake three-phase 1

Custom Three
Phase Transformer

Northlake Engineering medical grade isolation 1

Custom Medical
Isolation Transformer

Northlake Engineering designs, develops and manufactures a wide variety of custom power electromechanical assemblies and subassemblies including, but not limited to, the following:

PDUs (power distribution units)
Power Conditioners
Isolation transformer assemblies

Power Filters
Linear Power Supplies
Three phase transformer assemblies

Northlake assembly

Custom Power Assembly

Medical PDU

Custom Medical 100kVA PDU

Northlake assembly 2

Custom Transformer Assembly

Northlake assembly 4

Custom Power Supply

Northlake Engineering’s sample and prototype policy

Due to Northlake Engineering being a 100% custom manufacturer of power transformers, coils and power assemblies and subassemblies, a sharing of the costs (material and labor) with the customer is sometimes requested.  Based upon the complexity of the designs and availability of raw material and components, Northlake tries to ship samples and prototypes within 2-4 weeks after receipt of request. 

With the very high costs for electrical-grade steel and copper, the critical materials utilized in power transformer and coil designs, what is Northlake doing to help mitigate these increases?

Wherever and whenever they can, Northlake’s design engineers specify the least amount of copper and lowest cost electrical-grade steel as possible while meeting or exceeding the customers’ required electrical characteristics be it a custom transformer or coil or custom power assembly.  When material surcharges are in effect, Northlake strives to manage these costs as a “pass through” whereby no markup is added to these charges. 

Northlake Engineering Corporate Presentation

To view Northlake Engineering’s corporate presentation, please click here:

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“Tell us what you need”

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