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The Premo Group / Standard Transformers, Coils and Filters

The Premo Group is Spain’s largest and most successful manufacturer of RF and power wire wound and planar transformers, chokes, coils and inductors. They also offer the industry’s most comprehensive selection of single and three phase EMC filters, Hall Effect sensors, RFID antenna coils and transponders, RFID tags, narrow and wideband radio modules and power line communication components and assemblies.

Premo HCT-SH Hall Effect sensor

Hall Effect Sensor

Premo 3 Axis

Triple Axis Transponder Coil

Premo HPT 1700W to 3150W

High Voltage
Planar Transformer

Premo's world class technology and capabilities have allowed them to become the supplier of choice for many Fortune 500 OEMs in automotive systems, alternative energy (solar and wind) systems, telecom/datacom systems, medical systems, industrial systems and RFID tracking systems for more than 50 years.

Premo has evolved into a recognized leader in planar technology and RFID components by providing high performance, cutting edge designs at very competitive price points. If you have a new program where Premo's product line can help bring your system to market more quickly with increased performance or an existing platform needing cost savings or design optimization, we would look forward to working with you.

To learn more about The Premo Group, please click on the following link for a brief video about the company and their technology, history, industry focus and capabilities:

Please reference the below information to locate the solution that best meets the requirements of your circuit and/or application.

Power Transformers, Chokes, Coils, Filters and Inductors

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RFI power line filters

Premo pot cores

High energy power chokes

Premo HPC and HPT

High voltage
planar transformers

Premo ET UT

Common mode chokes

Premo toroids

Toroidal power transformers

Premo DCT 200A

DC current


Surface mount power inductors

Premo pulse transformer

Pulse power transformers

Premo POE transformer

Power over Ethernet
(POE) transformers

Surface mount RF and power inductors

Premo unshielded power choke

Unshielded power inductors
0.12uH to 10mH, up to 16.7ADC

Premo ceramic core inductor

High “Q” ceramic core
inductors 0402, 0603,
0805 and 1008 footprints

Premo ferrite core inductors

High “L” ferrite core inductors
0805 and 1008 footprints

Premo shielded power inductor

Shielded power inductors
0.36uH to 10mH, up to 16.5ADC

RFID Inductors, Tags, Antennas and Antenna Coils

Premo t coils


Premo glass tube transponder antenna

Glass tube transponder antennas

Premo RFID tag


Premo air antenna coils

Coreless antenna coils

Premo 3 axis RFD coils

Triple axis transponder coils

Premo emitter antenna

Emitter antennas

Premo laminated transformers

50/60Hz laminated transformers

Premo linear choke

Linear power chokes

Premo AIC

High energy storage
chokes for inverters

Premo molded SM inductor

Molded wire wound inductors
1210 and 1812 footprints

Premo single axis transponder coil

Single axis transponder coils

EMC, Single and Three Phase Filters, Filtered Receptacles and Hall Effect Sensors

Single phase filter

Single phase filters

Screened room filter

Screened room filters

Three phase filter

Three phase filters

Feed through filter

Feed through filters

Filtered receptacle

Filtered receptacles

DVDT filter

dV/dT filters

Premo Hall Effect Sensor

Hall Effect sensors

Powerline Communications (PLC) Components and Accessories

Premo PLC components

PLC components

Premo PLC accessories

PLC accessories

Please click here to view The Premo Group’s full product catalog.