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Marathon Power Online Dual-Conversion and Line-Interactive UPS Systems

Since Marathon Power focuses on niche markets, their UPS systems are designed for single-phase applications in these markets with power ranging from 425VA to 12000VA and voltages from 110V to 240V. All of their products are designed to international standards and are assembled in one of the world’s top manufacturing facilities.

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Numerous line-interactive configurations (with automatic voltage regulation) are available, most with true sine wave output on batteries. There are standard and extended run time versions and, topping the range, are true online double conversion models. All topologies are available in 19” rack mount or tower form factors.

Technological features include dual microprocessor control, multifunction LCD displays, interactive sleep mode, hardwire connectivity, SNMP capability, remote signaling and control, advanced battery management, 50/60Hz auto-sensing, “Cold” start, EPO (emergency power on), extended run-time capability and generic power monitoring and UPS control software.

Most importantly, the majority of Marathon Power’s models are also customizable to meet the specific requirements of an application, OEM or otherwise.

Please reference the information below to select the solution that best meets the needs of your application and critical requirements.

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Marathon Vault models

700VA to 12KVA Online Dual Conversion UPS Systems

Marathon Athlon models

700VA to 3KVA Online Dual
Conversion UPS Systems

Marathon Track models

600VA to 3KVA Line
Interactive UPS Systems

Marathon Sprint models

425VA to 2200VA Line
Interactive UPS Systems

If you are currently using a competitor’s solution and are looking for an equivalent UPS from Marathon Power, please visit our cross-reference page by clicking here.

If you are unsure as to which Marathon Power solution best meets the requirements of your application, please click below to access the Marathon Power UPS questionnaire; we will respond to your request for information within 24 hours after receipt.

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