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The Vault Series of 600VA to 12KVA UPS Systems from Marathon Power

The Vault series is Marathon Power’s latest, state-of-the art range. Featuring true on-line, double-conversion technology with power factor correction, they are ideal for the most critical and sensitive applications where the best level of power protection is required. Connected equipment is not only immune to even the slightest power fluctuations, but is also protected from other power anomalies such as spikes, surges, noise, extended under- and over-voltages, harmonics and frequency variations.

Vault UPS systems

An extremely wide input voltage tolerance (up to +/- 40%) and an output voltage regulation of within +/- 2% make the Vault one of the most flexible and technologically advanced UPS's on the market. Aside from the traditional Tower form factor, they will be soon available in rack mount configurations.

Usual features such as UPS & power-monitoring software, integral auto-bypass, “hot-swappable” batteries, various communication options, extended run-time capability, cold-start, advanced battery management and microprocessor control, are all standard. However, a host of unique features and options bring some exclusivity to the series. They include a High Efficiency & Free-run mode, an EPO (Emergency Power Off) port and load segmentation control.

The units also feature a unique, user-friendly and interactive, multifunction LCD panel that not only displays various UPS and related parameters, but allows the user to check, test and change settings such as output voltage, input and bypass modes from the front panel while the unit is on line. Matching external battery packs (EBP) allow for extended backup-time applications.

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Features of the Vault UPS series

True online double-conversion topology
Internal power conditioning
True sine-wave output with less than 3% THD
Output voltage regulation to within +/- 2%
Multifunction, interactive control panel and LCD display

High efficiency (HE) and free-run modes
EPO (emergency power off) port
Power monitoring and UPS control software
RS-232 and USB communication interface
Available in tower or rack-mount configuration

Applications for the Vault UPS series

Telecommunications and Datacom Systems
Medical Imaging Systems
Test and Measurement Equipment
Original Equipment Manufacturers

Industrial Automation and Fabrication Systems Information Technology
Guidance Systems
Security and Safety Systems

For the complete mechanical and electrical specifications of the 600VA to 3KVA Vault UPS series from Marathon Power, please click here:

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For the complete mechanical and electrical specifications of the 6KVA to 12KVA Vault UPS series from Marathon Power, please click here:

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